Lancashire One is your online archive channel

For over 4 years we recorded some of the best events in the county. From tractor pulling in Gt Eccleston, trucks in Leyland to scarecrows in Wray; if there was something exciting happening in your area, the chances are that we were there.

Lancashire is a beautiful and diverse place, with green farmland that stretches on for miles, bustling towns and cities and characters as insightful as the heritage that surrounds them.

Through the films that we made, we brought the excitement and sounds that make the Red Rose county unique; offering a taste of Lancashire to the world whilst keeping the natives informed of some of the great opportunities to enjoy what's on their doorstep.

We featured the very best in food and drink, places to go, fashion, motoring, fitness and leisure pursuits, gadgets and gizmo's.

Lancashire One was produced by Everyonemedia