Support Your Local Theatre

Date: 05/03/11
Pendle - Colne

Pendle Hippodrome

The Hippodrome Theatre Company is a shining example of how a local community can work together to produce something rather special.

They Hippodrome Theatre was built by a Colne man, Mr George Fort, and opened on 21st September 1914. It started life as a cine-variety theatre, and from the 30's onwards presented films to the public of Colne.

In 1964 bingo arrived. Whilst it may not have seemed an ideal form of entertainment for this once proud and splendid theatre it saved the theatre from dereliction or the property developer.

In the spring of 1978 rumours that the Hippodrome was to close prompted action in the local community. The theatre was bought and renovated at a cost of over £130,000, and took nine years to complete.

The theatre was finally reopened on Saturday 6th December 1986 by Simon Towneley,  Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire.

The Theatre now operates as a Limited Company and Registered Charity administered by a Board of Directors elected from the Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company.

The Company holds a full theatre licence and provides a venue for many local performers, charities, schools, drama and dance groups as well as being home for its own Theatre Company and  thriving Youth Theatre.

They are currently rehearsing the musical 'The Producers' which starts on the 29th March and goes on to the 2nd April.

So Come on Pendle and surrounding areas, support your local theatre, and get down to the Fantastic Hippodrome Theatre, New Market Street in Colne.