World Gravy Wrestling

Date: 14/12/15   Duration: 7.04 Minutes

Rose 'n' Bowl Stacksteads

It’s not often that a small Lancashire town can generate worldwide interest in a sporting competition. Nor is it that often that the event could attract stars such as Mr. T, Lady GaGa and The Hulk to participate.

But this is no ordinary town and this is no ordinary contest. This is the Gravy World Wrestling Championship. The championship, which has its roots in Bisto, In 2010 it celebrated its fourth year and has proved successful enough to be beamed to TV audiences from Accrington to Adelaide.

Over 1,000 litres of cold, impact cushioning, gravy were poured into a 4.5m paddling pool before the gladiators did battle. If the experience put any of the participants off Sunday roasts for life, nobody could tell.

The event formed part of the Pennine Lancashire Festival of Food & Culture which included among other things champagne balloon flights, culinary canal cruises and pony trekking picnics. The festival has proved to be a huge boost for tourism in the area, allowing visitors to get a real feel for the Pennines, its culture and its people.