The Lancashire One Show

Date: 29/11/11

from Southport Flower Show


Few things in life are as certain as the Southport Flower Show, and 87 years after it's seeds were planted in the coast, it's blossomed into one of the largest and most prestigious horticultural events in the UK.

Running from the 18th-21st August, over 80,000 visitors are expected to be drawn to the town for what almost seems unfair to describe as a show for flowers.

Jousting Knights, singing nuns, cooking demonstrations, giant vegetables, food stalls, fabulous show gardens and awe inspiring floral displays, this year's show had more going on than ever before.

Jonny and Emma had their work cut out, trying to sample the atmosphere across all 34 acres of Victoria Park on the opening day, but they had expert help from legendary botanist and TV personality David Bellamy OBE, and pop star come Masterchef champion, Liz McClarnon.

Even for the most novice of amature gardener, the arrangements on display proved as bright and breathtaking as ever, on the rare but very welcome sunny day. The 'vintage' theme of this year's show sparked the creation of some fantastic designs, including this 1970s inspired rock-pool garden.




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The Northern World War 11 association turned out in force to thrill large crowds on the sea front with their own special kind of Living History played out on the green at Lytham.

German historic vehicles, guns and infantry took on the Allies in a mock battle that had everyone captivated. Simulated gun fire, smoke bombs and some fantastic pyro -technics brought the battle to life.

Earlier in the day you could visit the encampments and learn more about the lives of the soldiers who fought in the great battles of World War 11.

But in was not all make believe as Andy and Kath Plummer members of the Northern World War 11 Association where married in full military costume at Lytham Church as part of the War Time celebrations.


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Elite cycling came to Preston on Sunday, as the city centre was transformed into a racing track for the Grand Prix and Recreational Cycling Show. 

The event provided an opportunity for the public to see some of the country's top pro cyclists compete on a fast tight, kilometre city course, and Jonny went along to see what all the fuss was about.


The circuit was the battleground for the final round of the British Cycling Elite Men's Circuit Race Series, won by Ian Wilkinson. But after more than 40 minutes of high speed competition, it was Rapha Condor rider, Dean Downing who took the over all British Cycling Elite Circuits title with 249 points in the cyclist rankings.

Racing is often a spectator sport, but families were themselves incouraged to take part in the circuit ride, where they were given the opportunity to try their hand (or legs) at the city course on their own bikes.

The Recreational Cycling Show took part under the market place, with advice and practicle information being given out to members of the public.