Clitheroe Medieval Weekend

Date: 17/08/10   Duration: 3.38 minutes
Ribble Valley - Clitheroe

Step back in time with the Freemen of Gwent re-enactment group

The Freemen of Gwent took a Lancashire town back to the action-packed days of the 14th Century in a medieval re-enactment adventure for all the whole family.

The Clitheroe Castle Medieval Weekend was held before large crowds in the grounds of Clitheroe’s historic hill top tower.

With sword fights, archery, history camps, ancient crafts and cooking all on display, everyone's historic thirst was successfully quenched.

The Freemen of Gwent are a re-enactment group based in Wales and have members spread out across the UK, all on the noble quest to bring our medieval past to life.