Wray Scarecrow Festival 23rd April - 2nd May

Date: 11/05/12
Lancaster - Lancaster

The Scarecrow Festival in Wray has been annually drawing in the crowds for more than two decades, with new and interesting attractions being added every year to the festival calendar.



The village primary school has chosen the theme for this year's 'scarecrows' - "Explorers on Land, Sea and Space". In addition to the 15 Giant figures the village has made, the  villagers will be displaying home-made characters - in, on or outside their houses! 
Given this years theme chosen by local children, we expect this year's 'crop' of up to 150 scarecrows to be even better than ever. 

In 2012 we decided to take a look into this phenomenon more than ever before, and Jonny's was the first hand in the air to jump at the chance to head back to his favourite village.



Click the images for videos from the whole week!

Starting with the 10K


The famous Giant Scarecrow Parade!


The Classic Bike and Vehicle Night


... and our in depth interview with the legendary 101 year old Ruth Whittam!

Website: http://www.wrayvillage.co.uk/scarecrows.htm

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