It's a Knockout in Westhougton

Date: 22/05/12

Here it is! Our long awaited venture into the world of It's a Knockout!

Made famous on British television screens in the 60s, 70s and 80s, It's a Knockout is embedded into the hearts and minds of generations of people across the whole country, and one the 27th of May, we were invited to take part in a very special event down at Westhoughton.

Arranged by the Weshoughton Active Communities' Association, (or WACO for short), the grounds of Communiversity were transformed into a bed of music, stalls, food, people and inflatables, when Graham Fishers original International It's a Knockout competition took centre stage at the annual community fundraiser. 

Here's a video of our day!

with the Lancashire One team

Taking part in all the fun were teams from all over the area, from Bolton FM radio station, to local sports clubs, businesses and colleges.

True to the spirit of competition, we decided it was only right that we put a team in ourselves, but things are never as easy as they first seem.

For more of the action from our It's A Knockout escapades, take a look at the competition highlights!

- Video 2