Tornado in Preston

Date: 24/06/10   Duration: 1.23 minutes
Preston - Preston

£3m train steams in

Train enthusiasts gathered in Preston to view the magnificent Tornado steam train as it made its whistle-stop tour of Lancashire.

The locomotive pulled into the city’s railway station in April causing train spotters to jostle for position on the platform to see this blast from the past.

It puffed into Preston pausing only for two minutes to take on water as it made the long journey from Crewe to Carlisle then back again.

The Tornado was completed two years ago after 20 years of hard graft by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust. After moving under its own ‘steam’ in 2008 it became the first full size steam locomotive to be built in Britain for over 50 years and when completed two years ago cost £3 million.

The Trust organised this journey so as many people as possible could feel, see and smell the powerful chug of it's coal-fired engine.