Olympic Global Rainbow

Date: 09/03/12
Preston - Preston

Marking the start of the Cultural Olympiad and the beginning of a series of events taking place in the North West to celebrate the 2012 Olympics, the skies of Lancashire are being lit with the colours of the rainbow. 

International artist Yvette Mattern's Global Rainbow has come to the docks in Preston, which sees seven high-powered lazers shooting colour beams into the skies above the city, creating a light show to be seen for miles around. We headed down to the docks to speak to the lady herself, and find out exactly what we could expect.

lights up the skies of Preston

Speaking ahead of the launch, Debbi Lander, the 2012 Creative Programmer for the North West, said: “London 2012 is not just about sport or spectatorship. It’s an opportunity to connect, to collaborate and be part of a community; and to celebrate the world’s largest global gathering on earth.

“This is our chance to reach out and feel part of something bigger and to use London 2012 as a platform to create interaction and community across the North West.”

“The coincidence of Preston Guild with London 2012 is an auspicious one and we are proud to launch the year‟s Cultural Olympiad journey for the North West region here in Preston. We look forward to welcoming artists and sportspeople and their audiences all back to ours in September.”


Global Rainbow can be seen in Preston until the 11th March.



Website: http://yvettemattern.com/