Rugby League World Cup

Date: 28/11/12

26th Oct - 30th Nov

The Rugby League World Cup Trophy was commissioned by former World War 2 resistance hero and French Rugby President Paul Barriere at a cost of eight million francs and then donated to the International Rugby League Board to be used for the inaugural competion in 1954.

While competing in the 1970 tournament, the reigning champions Australia, put the trophy on display in the Midland Hotel in Bradford.

The Trophy was stolen six days later on the night of Sunday 1st November 1970. It disappeared for the next 20 years before it was discovered in a ditch in nearby Bingley.

It was back in Action for the 2000 tournament and won by the kangaroos.

Current holders New Zealand brought the trophy back to the UK in 2012 so it can travel accross the UK to promote the Rugby League World Cup Finals in 2013.